Fadhli Butterfinger

Sentosa & Fish Market

After a long period of time,
i finally had a date with my girlfriend.
i miss her so much.
infact i miss her even more when i see her :)

well we had a great time at sentosa!
but TANJONG BEACH. hahah :D
well it was fun!
get to spend the whole day with baby.

then had dinner with abg hus and kak zuzi!
at manhatten fish market.
it was my first time and what i can say is...
THE FISH IS AMAZING! plus support from
PRAWN, 'SOTONG' and many more!....
dah tuaaaa! hahah :D

the photos up there shows you how the day goes by, enjoy!

-i love you <3'
Genting Outdoor Theme Park

you and i

2 months had passed, my blog is like seriously dead.
i think i'mma bring it back to life,
and yeah its the holidays :)

for a long period of time,
i realise that i miss something,
i miss alot of things.
time flyby fast.
its been like a year plus.
i've been somehow MIA.

truthfully i miss someone, not something.
i miss my Dyla Karim.
she's been there for me,
but was i there for her?
before holidays started,
yeah had a really rough week.
most of it came from school work.

holidays are kicking in, things may go well.
but i was wrong.
i always take things for granted.

i miss you baby.
i've never wanna hurt you.
seeing you smile just blow me away.
making you happy is actually making myself happy too.
its not just me, its us.
its 2, not 1.
you've been a part of me for a really long time,
i guess i'm not treating that part well.
you can't make a chair without the legs,
you can't colour a rainbow with black and whites.
Half and half makes a whole.
i've been missing alot of things.
and i'll do my best to take it back,
not try, but do.
i was wrong, and i am sorry baby.
Really am.

i love you baby <3
i miss you honey <3

i may say i love you a zillion times but that may not be enough
to say how much i love you.

love, Fad

'the sun its not the only one shining... you shine too in my heart'

Time And Time Again

i doubt you will read my blog since its like dead for 2 mths already.
time and time again i make you disappointed.
you dont deserve this boy.

i love you.
do you?

its a long time since i heard a 'love you' from you.
but i know from the bottom of your heart you till do love me.

i love you.
do you?

-i aint giving up.
i love you.

Ups and Downs

I'm sorry baby.
truly i am.

it's my fault and i deserve this. :(
i'm stuck, i've got nothing to say.
i have to think and reflect on myself.
if this punishment would be long,
i would still stay strong.
i wont let you go.
i've never regretted having you beside me.
i know what i did, and i
truly  am sorry.

i know saying sorry alot of times wont help.
and yeah your trust is limited.

no matter what,
i still love you,
no doubt.

- <3 :(((
i need you.


His heart is torn
and his soul is tempted
for a way out

They said it to him a million times
'It'll get better.'
and every time he hears those words
it loses a bit more of his trust


Nobody has a satisfying answer
or at least a hint to get him through
but he isn't ready to give up 

not yet

Sometimes there's still a flickering light
way down there at the end
luckely it doesn't require much
for him to keep his strength

A smile
a word
a soft breeze
it's all he needs to hold on

It will get better
all it needs is a little
or more likely; loads of


Beauties of Life

well guys,
school has started.
assignments start to pile up.
i'll try my best in year 2.
year 1 went well, i hope this year will go well too.
despite all these rackass and madness,
there's always the brighter side of life.

my baby over here is one of a few who 
has brightened up my life.
if i've been a really bad boy,
i'm sorry baby. 

" ... and i never wanna hurt you..."

heeeeh :D <3

here some photos we took with my lappy webcam.
well isn't she awesome or what?! 
yeah she's mine, she's my everything. <3

i love you baby! (K)
sooo much!
i miss you always dear.
even when i'm with you,
i do miss you. 
- your smile makes my heart sway <3


a night i won't forget

i remember that very night.
the wind was breezy,
the air was fresh.
it even got better with you around.
i followed what my heart says.
the moon and the stars were the only witnesses.
and they were all we needed.
no one else.
i can't forget that very night.
that very night i pour my feelings to you.

and yeah till now, 
your face is still bright in my heart.
i even carved your name on it.
and i never want to erase it.
that is the best place 
only for a special person like you. 

and yeah you're really special in my life.
i love you no matter what <3
from that night onwards, 
my love for you never change.
it grows more and more each day i live.
susah senang i want to be with you,
because there's no one else whom i wanna be with 
except you.

i love you,
i really do.

you showered me with your love and care.
i cant expect anithing more,
because what you're giving me is enough 
for me to survive.
and i appreciate all you do,
big or small it doesn't matter.

thank you baby.

much love, 

~ i miss my gorgeous girlfriend <3

still lives and loves

i've been living in this world for 18 years already.

and  i believe that having you is one of my best decisions,

cause i've never had regrets having you around.

i love you.

much love,

Muhammad Zulfadhli Bin Zulkifli

i miss you

hey lovely people.

indeed i'm back home from Kuala Lumpur
3 days at KL is like 3 weeks?

i had fun at KL.
but fun does not seem complete without my dearest.
i miss you.
everynight i never missed a chance to think about you.
because that is what i always do.

well i'm back here in singapore,
hell yeah i still miss her.
bought something for her too (:
looking forward to meet you soon love.

i love you.



had a great time with polymates,
including dearest (:

we had kite flying at marina barrage. 
and i can tell you, the wind is really strong! :DDD


If this is a test from Him, I'm willing to take it.

I miss you,
I really do.

'you take care of yourself alright?
go and have your lunch-cum-dinner with your girlfriends.
i know you'll have fun,
you need them.
you don't always get to meet them.
i'll be waiting for your call when you get home.
i love you babygirl'

much love' 

You & Only You

i need you
i miss you
i love you

i know i've done a lot of mistakes,
either on purpose or not on purpose.
i got no intention of doing any of those.
i'm sorry baby.
i truly am.

i am afraid to lose you,
i don't wanna lose you.

i am hopelessly devoted to you.

i love you baby.

much love,

- loving you every single day.

Baby I'm Sorry

i know i've not been myself these days.
i guess i'm caught up with a lot of things going in my life.

i've been busy, i'm too occupied
i've not make time for you my love.

i'm really sorry.
yeap your bf will be back,
the same guy who you fell in love the first time.

i love you baby.
i'm just ungrateful and unappreciative 
not like you.
i know i've done mistakes that i don't realise.
and the most greatest mistakes i made was not being myself.

cos the one who fell in love is me, 
really me.

i'm sorry babyku.

you've been the best for me,
why can't i be like that to you?

thanks for making me realise all these.
i'm a slow bastard.

i love you,
but these things i'm caught up with slowed me down.

i need your guidance, 
i need your support,
i need you.

i'm sorry baby.
i don't wanna lose you.

i miss you my dear.
i really do.

much love,

- a man will cry to the girl he loves-

Fast Forward

i miss you loads baby.
and its only you who i love.
no one else.
you are placed perfectly here in my heart.

i wanna hug you
i wanna kiss you
i need you by myside.

you are my love <3

i love you baby, i really do.

much love,

Geek in Love 

you have a place in this world,
and i know your place is in my heart.
you're my only one dearest.
we've been through a lot,
and i know there's more challenges to come.
we'll have each other's back, for sure (:

2010 here we come!

'even if i don't love you the way you wanted, but i always do love you with all my heart'

you know i do baby.
i love you very much indeed.
loving you more each day. 

much love,

`your favourite boy <3 

Last bits of Holidays

to end the holidays,
before the start of school,
went out with cousins.
here's some photos of the outing,
let them tell the story.

Baby i love you, i miss you, i need you

whatever happens, no matter what happens,
i will always love you.

i'll pray for us being stronger,
 in achieving goals and overcoming problems.

i'll always have your support bby.
here behind you. (:


-theres nothing else for me to say
i love you,
 and nothing else matters. <3

She's my lady!

if you kiss her, you are not a gentlemen
if you don't, you are not a man

if you praise her, she thinks you're lying
if you don't, you are good for nothing

if you agree with all her likes, she is abusing
if you don't, you are not understanding

if you make romance, you are an 'experienced' man
if you don't, you are half a man

if you visit her too often, she thinks it is boring
if you don't, she accuses you of double-crossing

if you are well dressed, she says you are a playboy
if you don't, you are a dull boy

if you are jealous, she says it's bad
if you don't, she thinks you do not love her

if you attempt a romance, she says you didn't respect her
if you don't, she thinks you do not like her

if you are a minute late, she complains it's hard to wait
if she is late, she says that's a girl's way

if you visit another, she accuses you of being a heel
if she is visited by another, 'oh! it's natural, we are girls'

if you kiss her once in a while, she professes you are cold
if you kiss her too many, she yells that you are taking advantage

if you fail to help her in crossing the street, you lack ethics
if you do, she thinks it's just one of the man's tactics

if you stare at other, she accuses you of flirting
if she is stared by others, she says that they're just admiring

if you talk, she wants you to listen
if you listen, she wants you to talk

Oh God! you created woman

So simple, yet so complex
So weak, yet so powerful
So confusing, yet so desirable.


well i hope you guys enjoy what you just read
.some are probably true,
but i know most are not.
if you guys agree with all that, 
then you guys would love those typical girls.
i know you guys would one a girl who is a
'one in million' (:
or should i say unique and special in her own way.
let her be herself, than you'll know how special she is to you.

'love is not looking for someone perfect, but looking at an imperfect person perfect'right? (:

i know what they say up there is not all true.
a gentleman can't kiss? -.- hahah
do you need to make romance to show how much you love her?
you dress well to look nice for her, not to impress anyone else. (:
i see my baby everyday, i don't get bored. looking forward everyday to see her (:
and i don't stare at others -.-
others stare at me, my babygirl will get mad! (:
i know she loves me! <3

what i know is i have an awesome babygirl (:
she's not one of those up there. 
having her in my life is probably the best that had happened in my life! (:
 thats all for today.


i love you babygirl (:
i love you for who you are. (K)

-you're mine <3

much love,
Fad, your favourite boy! (:

Countdown to 2010

countdown at ecp, with bbq
Here are pictures to tell my story. (: enjoy

Bby's House 

another splendid day at bby's house.
the first time i'm at a house. 
wore long sleeve, to look smart. :)
 to make a first good impression to her mom. heh.

i brought 'saw 6' for bby and sha to watch.
pure gore mayne!
haha, just looking at them watching can make me luff.
all the blood in the movie can result me in having a stomachache.

and i slept for a while at her house, tired.
the sofa is comfortable.
even comfortable if bby is there to cuddle me up.
but too bad. 
there's restrictions in her house. heh.

for today, she accompanied me and sha to the bustop.
i love you bby. <3

-seeing you just makes me smile (:

Sha's House 

another splendid, or rather entertaining day in a friend's house.
today is sha's house.

and hell yeah we're fully occupied.
time flies very fast when you're having fun.
plus we got shakur, the guitar player with us, guest star.
haha. :D

damn fun i tell you.
if i have one of those, my holidays wud just be that!
but too bad, every day has an end.
so we call it a day at 8pm.
took bby home first. (:

- we shud appreciate what we have. (:

Vilvum's House 

A splendid day at Vilvum's House with bby.
we took pictures
we ate nice food, cooked by Vil and his maid.

then watched movie
'are we done yet?'
nice show yknow.
till i'm damn tired and yeah kinda fell asleep.
haha, burok seyh fad.

we left his house at 6.30 like that,
and yeah we stop over at causeway point to window shop.
then took bby home. 

-every second with you is valuable, its precious.

A Family 'Christmas' Day

Pictures can show my day :) enjoy.

3 in 1

hey guys :)
sorry for not updating oftenly, haha.
kinda busy yknow.
stressed out with school work and some other stuffs.
i'm gonna blog about 3 things today.
1. my madrasah graduation ceremony
2.random post, me and baby
3.bby bought new mouse and my friends chalet
4. guess what?!

my madrasah graduation was fun yknow. 
for the last time we meeting each other, 
but ofcos yeah we'd still be friends :)
i've got alot of things to say but 
i guess i'll let the pictures to the talking :) enjoy!
me and baby were bored at school :)
and we abused the webcam! 
bby cannot forget what i  say ke?
i mean it dear :)
'omg, i love you!' heeeeh! :)
baby got a new mouse!
we surveyed around 3 shopping malls, 
to get the best mouse for dearest
and yeah, she got it :)
veeeeeeery nice dear! 
after that, dear went home.

i got another appointment to go to. 
its my friend's chalet.
he invite the madrasah people.
not all, but just the close ones.
here are some pictures to show, enjoy!
_____________________________*pictures coming soon*______________________________
guess what?!
i got new pet.
i mean pets!
i got 2 terapins!
2 kittens!

the 2 terapins, we bought it at bedok. :)
the 2 kittens, my mom brought it home, from my uncles house.
he gave us two :) 
their cute!
new members of the family.
presenting to you, the new members of the family! :)
thats all guys.
i've already summarise it. 
its supposed to be very long. haha.


*when that person is already a part of our lives, 
of coz we wud be sad or disappointed when that person leaves.
there might be reasons why that person leave.
we have to accept the fact that the person had made our life meaningful
or happy once before.
begin with patience, end with redha.

theres always things to look forward in the future.
be strong :)

-a shoutout to a friend*


i love you my baby! :)
i miss you also! :)

`till then, 
we might be in the right path, but its useless if we sit down.;
get up and run for it! :)

skinned sheep
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

a good day
a good friday
selamat hari raya aidiladha
 to all muslims around the world! 

well this year i helped at the mosque
with some cliques of coz, i mean my 'mosque friends'.
some had to cut the sheep's throat,
some cut its head and legs,
some skin the sheeps, 
some cut them into parts and
some distribute them to the people.

i'm not saying that all of these helpers are my friends luh.
at least one of my friends are in each post.
yeah we had fun volunteering though.

i can show you some pictures.
but be careful, some of this pictures invloves blood
and some other disgusting stuffs. 
some only. :)

and on top of all that,

i really miss my dearest. 
really do.
eventhough its had been 3 days.
will meet you tmr aite?
looking forward to it.


iloveyoubaby <3


Sentosa Outing 
A Day We Will Never Forget :)

a last minute planning by maira and ahmad
dragged me and dear along
turned out to be a great and wonderful outing
not much to describe
i can show yguys pictures
and i ride the LUGE & SKYRIDE! 
thats it guys.

took the girls home.
tested Ahmad's bike.
we sped home.
tired & happy! 


much love,

Heheh :-)

first day of the week
school day
9 to 5
bus 81 72
bus 72 25 15
nothing interesting right?
normal day as usual?
nope, its a day i've been waiting for every week.


i got to meet my baby :)

-missing her loads :)

i love you <3

much love, 

Out of Ma' House, AGAIN

Today had to go mosque for my GRADUATION DAY rehearsal.
ooo!i'm gonna wear robe! :)

after that, ate with my friends at COFFE EXPRESS 2000!
and then, we went to a void deck nearby to complete our git for 
ustazah NORIZAN. :)
yeah we made photo albums and a photo frame.
all these are for her to remember her beloved class
TA4B '09!
haha.and now, i'm blogging!
probably not going to meet my brothers at COFFEE EXPRESS 2000!
koz its raining! daymne! 
haha.well, i'm waiting for my dear to wake up from her nap.
she's tired you know!
despite her being ill,
 she did cupcakes, cake and some decorations
 for her gf's birthday!hardworking bby! :)
 proud of her! :)
 hehe.so yeah, she's sleeping peacefully now. :)
i bet she is. :)

bby, i'm waiting for your text. :)
sleeptite alright? 
you'll need plenty of rest. :)



much love, FaD. :)

Out of Ma' House

today i got religious class. :)

dear and her gfs are gone for the hotel.
well, didnt get to meet dear for today.
usually i always wanted to go out with dear on saturdays :)
but its ohkay, she needs to have time for her gfs!

why hotel? 
its her gf, SITI NADIAH's birthday! 
Happy Birthday Nadiah!
sorry i can only wish you. hahah. :D

well hope they had fun. :)

last minute outing planned by my cousin to go out.
only 4 of us went out.
we went to PLAZA SINGAPURA to jalan2.
then headed to tamp for KFC!

sadly! theres no CHEESE FRIES! 
koz looking at tat time, it was like 9plus.
its ohkay! eventhough in bus 65 i was dreaming bout eating CHEESE FRIES!

so yeah, lepak-ed after that till like 11plus then headed home!

thats all for the day ;)


i miss you babyyyyyyyy! :)


Being myself
Monday, 09.11.09

hey you guys out there. :-)
i know its a long time since i last blogged.

a lot of things happened.
especially about my laptop,
it had been hospitalised like 3 weeks ago if i could remember.
just took it back from the ward last saturday with bby's company. :-)

well, as you know, school had started.
projects are starting to stack. AGAIN.

enough of rest, the superduper long holiday is over.
for this semester though, i aim to do better than semester one.
i have to put my mind on the right track.
i'll try not to do last minute work, because i will suffer in the end.
what for i suffer when i can go with the flow or even swim faster than the flow? :-)
well i'm trying though.
not expecting a director's list or whatsoever.
but i wanna do better than my first semester. thats my aim.
need to get higher GPA. needs and wants. 

what i know is my bby, best brothers, good friends will be there to support me. :-) 

a lot of things i wanna blog about, but i'd just blog bout some of them.

last saturday, my bby accompanied me to fetch my laptop at funan.
looking at the time, its still too early to go home.
so we decided to have a stroll around lion city.
we went to bugis junction.
after a long walk, something caught my eye.
in the midst of the flow of people,
there is this SHADES displayed in ALDO.

DAYME nice i tell you!
its 35bucks. 24bucks with discount!
i told my bby that i really wanted that treasure.

*story is shortened*

the next day i went to KENDARAT with four other of my best brothers.
my main objective to work was to get money for the SHADES.

*story is shortened, AGAIN*

well today! after school, my bby accompanied me again to get the SHADES.
there is no more of this particular SHADES!
in two days, its finished!
just likie that! *snaps* 

haishhhh. what to doooooo. i cant do anithing now.
i'm planning to wait for any other nice SHADES at ALDO.
seriously i fcking angry! arggggh!
really wanted those! sheeeshkebabs!

*story end*

next, its about my dear.
she had not been feeling well these few days.
she started having coughs, followed by sorethroats, since last week.
been worried sick bout her youknow.
infornt of me, beside me, she coughed and coughed.
cant bare to see her like that.
would love to takecare of her all day long, but yeah obviously i cant, 
because i'm not staying with her.
sometimes i feel sad because when she's at home, i can only sms her,
just to make her feel better.
if somehow i fail, i will try again and again.
i wont ever give up! 
now at home, i could only pray for her to get well. the sooner the better.
well afterall its up to Him. 

`bby, get well soon ohkay? you've never did give me any trouble dear.
i'll always takecare of you dear, since i'm still breathing. i'm the one who should say sorry to you, if i've not taken care of you properly or the way you expected. i do the best i can. and i will continue doing it. just because of three words. I LOVE YOU. :-) Indeed i do. well dear, see you tmr in school ohkay? goodnight and sleeptight bby. *hugs&kisses* 

`much love
 fad :-)

thats all for now,
you guys take care and have a nice day ahead. 
peace. :-)

~ A Part of Me ~ 
Tuesday, 13.10.09

Well today is the day where i meet my dearest. :)
sorry dear i woke up late today. :D heheh.
*sempat syg blog :) *

planned to eat at BK Changi Airport.
we didnt eat somewhere else coz dear got this 10bucks airport voucher! ;D
so yeah we just have to add lil bit more money if it exceeds 10.

met dear at eunos mrt station. 
headed to Changi Airport T2. yguys shud noe wheres that BK. ;)
well, me and dear ate till our stomachs cudnt take it anymore.
awesome meal i tell you! 
wud want to eat at BK again next time. :)

then we headed to a place where i cant tell you where its exactly at. 
its a top secret place. :) dear noes.
we abused my Sony Ericsson Xperai X1! 
hahah, its time that my hp is to be abused. :)
and we spend time together till 9pm.

Bby, i cant bare to lose you.
you are different from the rest.
i dont want to see our hardship to go to waste.
same, i will still use this hardship to maintain our heaven :)
What i noe is you are the one for me. :)
we will be there for each other in time of need, insya'Allah.:)
we have gone through alot of obstacles together, hard and long obstacles.
and we cant stop now. :)
yeah, alot of things running in my mind that i want to express.
but its difficult to put it in words dear, :)
i love you bby. :)

~ indeed you are a part of me my dear ~

Raya with TA4B! 
Tuesday, 13.10.09

This brings me back to 10.10.09!
just got the pictures today.
so yeah i'mma put it right here for yguys to see. :)
In total of 10 houses we've gone too. 
Well its supposed to be a class outing but turn out just half the class. -.-
hahah. but indeed we had fun though. 
i cant upload all people, theres alot!
so here is wad i can share, enjoy! :D

~ missing you my dear ~

Monday, 12.10.09

Hey good people. ;)
i know alot of you told me to update my blog right?
ohkay here i go.
i know its been since hari raya that i last post something. 
Alot of things had happened along the way.
well i aint telling the whole story as it will take days?
so yeah, i'm summarising it. :)

indeed it has been a busy hari raya for me.
i dont stay at home that much of course.
i have to go to alot of houses.
well its tiring of coz, but at the same time, kinda fun koz i got to meet my cousins and relatives!
today, i just finished my last relative house at punggol.
Finally! Finish! :D

well, i learn alot of things with dear by myside. 
and these things that had happening is making us even closer. :)
we understand each other more. :)
went out with dear alot these days, but still
i'd miss her already after we call it a day.
when i'm with her, i'd do my best to show her how i feel towards her.
after all, she is a part of me. :)
thanks for everything my dear.!

well tomorrow we are going to have our lunch/dinner at changi airport! whoo!
planned to go today, but she is going out with her gfs.
well i have to let her go, koz its been long since they met up.
the last time they met was like 2months ago? hahah.
so i must give her and her gfs time to have fun. :) have fun bby! :D you deserve it!
looking forward to meeting her on tuesday though ;) see you bby!
and ~i love you ~ so much!

next, was my boys!
nothing much to tell though, koz we're cool always!
we went out raya with eunos boys!
we had alot of fun of coz. and alot of money too :) heheh.
Adhir and EL produced an electrotrance group, GILLRAY.
trust me, they are awesome. :)
as for me, i'll stay as a freelance, i do hiphop beats.! peace.
gonna meet you guys on wednesday. 
koz every wednesday is a soccer day!
well see you guys there then! :) 
~ wassalam ~

yeah on saturday, i went out raya with my religious class friends!
well i dont have the photos yet but i will upload it the next time. :)
stay tune. :D

~ missing you :D ~

and here are some pictures for you guys, to see what i had been up to. :)

Some more Hari Raya Pictures :)


In need of you :) 
Monday. September 21, 2009

I've got nothing much to say.
I really miss her.
I really need you.
You've made a big impact in my life :)
A good impact.
My life has became more happier,
its lively,
filled with your love that you'd like to share.
A touch of you made my life more meaningful. :)
Everyday you made me feel so '
I can't deny that fact, because you did. :)
Semakin cinta, jatuh cinta, sedang bercinta :)Insya'Allah, cinta ini akan berpanjangan. :)
I'm gonna pray and put on effort to make that happen my dear. 


Selalu dihatimu,
Fad. :)

This is our first picture dear, after 10th July. :)

Selamat Hari Raya '09
Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well, after a month fasting, this is our 'reward'.
Not much for me to say, this post is  more of photos :) 

- looking forward to see you bby. :)

Finally :)
Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hello guys :)
This is yeah, my new blog. haha.
Goodbye blogger! :P

So yeah! Today is SDN Club Kite Outing day :)
Well, really not for me and dear. 
We just wanna go out of the house and meet.:)

What elso could i say, I MUST MEET DEAR.
its been 10 days you know.
10 days is well, LONG? :)

I fetched her from UBI :)
And i brought something for her! 
WOOO! i like the packaging if that thing! 
Really classy mayne :)
So i gave her the hug that i've longed to give! :D

Bus-ed to Bishan
We didn't really stay til we break fast.
At Bishan Park was fcuking humid!
We made a quick decision to go back to the east :)
Where it is nearer to our homes.
Our next destination was ECG.
Before that, well yeah we did buy some refreshments for breakfast. :)
It was 6.00pm and I'm already hungry, more of thirsty actually.
Can't wait to taste dear's own Roti John! (John's Bread?)
So yeah, we headed to ECG and waited for the time to break fast :)

My ICE LEMON TEA was hell yeah refreshing! AAAAH! :)
And then we attacked John's Bread! 
We didn't eat much actually, just can't.

After that small meal, yeah I spend the rest of the night with my dear. :)
10 days i endured! and then FINALLY!
Dear was in my arms! 
Really can't let go! My hands are taped to her! :)
 I really can't describe how i felt!
What i can tell you guys, I WAS REALLY HAPPY!
Only God knows :)
Till then, I'm looking forward to this friday! :)


( its still burning strong. Or perhaps the flame is getting bigger :D )